Vodka?! No they are not all made from potatoes!

I like to have a cocktail like the rest of us—but suddenly when I started having food sensitivities it was a nightmare navigating what was what because, like pharmaceutical labels, alcoholic beverages do not require ingredient labeling (yet!).  My friends would all say –“oh, well you should be fine with vodka because it’s made from potatoes!”   My body told me otherwise and soon I set out to try and navigate which happy hour cocktails would be “friendly” to my food allergies and sensitivities.  I am fine with gluten, but cannot do corn products (which is what Gin is made from & many light/commercial beers).

Vodka can be made from any fermentable material. There are mass-produced vodkas made from potatoes, rye, grapes wheat, corn, and mixed grains that include barley.

Below I have created a list of my own research. My disclaimer here is that I am not an expert, nor can I verify the exact ingredients in these vodkas. If you are gluten free, I would encourage you to only drink vodka that is certified gluten free.  Also, many of these have other varieties or flavors—I am only addresses the “original” brand without any other flavoring like citrus, grapefruit, etc.  I steer clear of those bc I have NO idea what those would have in them–ugh!

Absolut Vodka: Wheat

Belvedere:  Rye

Titos:  CORN

Stoli: Wheat and Rye

Ketel One: Wheat

Grey Goose:  Wheat

Luksusowa: Potato

CHEERS friends, to your next (allergy-free) cocktail!




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