Stomach Cramping – Could it be the PESTICIDES in your fruits & veggies?

Everytime I would eat certain RAW fruits and veggies I would get stomach cramping about 2 hours after I ate them.  The list of what bothered me was (raw/uncooked): Carrots, apples, bananas, cantaloupe, grapefruit, and always brussel sprouts and cauliflower (whether cooked or not).   The strange thing was that if I ate those items WITH a meal I was fine–it seemed to be only when I ate them by themselves, as a snack. 

My AMAZING doctor suggested that I tried those same foods ORGANIC.   She explained that many people react to the PESTICIDES in the fruits/veggies with digestive issues.  PROBLEM SOLVED!  I tested ORGANIC versions of my entire list of those fruits & veggies that caused me stomach cramping and was amazed that I had NO CRAMPING!

What else are those pesticides doing to our digestive system?  Could pesticides be causing this much damage to my insides?  

I may not need to do organic forever, but because my digestive system is sensitive and has damage from past years, this is my new protocol. I truly feel like my gut and digestive system has been healing over the past 2 years–I can even eat garlic & onions again without nausea!

What I know is that my body tells me through how it reacts to certain foods.  If you are paying attention and really listening, you can begin to figure out your own food sensitivities. Find yourself an amazing INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE physician (mine is Internal Medicine specialist).  They often have a nutritionist that works with them to help you along your journey.

Good luck and God Bless!





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